Lena DavidsonCellar Services

I ran out of money two weeks too soon on an already questionably shoestring solo trip through Europe early in college. Intrepid as I had become I wasn’t ready to spend another set of nights “sleeping” in the gated gardens of Montmartre. Instead, I grabbed a train from Milan to Valence and hitchhiked my way East to Nozieres, a gorgeous town tucked up in the hills. Alongside a bit of river swimming, a cherry harvest and some serious siphon-activated irrigation, I spent the remainder of my time bottling, labeling, waxing tops and drinking wine in the stone cellar of the family home.┬áLife changing emergency plan B.

I’ve been on course for a life in food, drink and land ever since. I really just believe in it. Most recently I joined the owners of a bakery I had been managing on Bainbridge Island in opening a small restaurant. Humility and deep joy come from creating a place of hospitality from scratch and I bring that along with me to PHENOL55.