Alyssa LuftCellar Assistant

I’m a native to the Seattle-area, born and raised a few minutes from what later became known as Woodinville Wine Country. I spent my college years enjoying the arts and pursuing my BFA in Fine Art Photography from Seattle University after a 3-year stint at the Evergreen State College. While finishing my undergraduate degree I was hired on at William Church Winery, a small boutique family-owned Winery not far from where I grew up. During my time at William Church I took on multiple roles such as Wine Club Manager and Private Events Manager, and soaked up as much as I could during my time as a winemaker, Noah Fox Reed’s, assistant during crush of 2016. I then came to Phenol 55 in the summer of 2017 with a greater appreciation and fascination for the entire experience. Now I continue to educate myself on a variety of wines from all over the world.