Raven MorganOwner

I am a 3rd generation Seattle native. Through the years I became interested in wine, starting to collect on my first wine trip to Napa in 2005, it was a small start, and most of those bottles are long gone. Since then my husband and I, with our two children, have visited wine regions in Spain, Italy, and France. A few years ago we bought a small vineyard in Walla Walla that is managed by Ken Hart, who manages much larger vineyards in Walla Walla such as aMaurice, Abeja and Dunham Cellars. We will soon bottle our very first vintage (2016) using the Syrah grapes planted in our vineyard and utilizing the wine making expertise of Ken.

I started my career working in Finance at aQuantive (razorfish) for 10+ years. I was there through the Microsoft acquisition in 2007, and finally the sale of Razorfish to Publicis in 2010. I decided to take some time off after having our two children. A few years ago, I eased back into the corporate working world by starting my own financial modeling consulting firm, working mainly with glassybaby for 1.5 years. And now, I couldn’t be more excited to take the helm of Phenol 55 and growing the business and making it a place for all to enjoy.

All of us at P55 are excited to learn the stories of each of you, how you came into loving wine, and how we can help make the storing experience a level above the rest.